Austin, TX


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We are Design (DSN) and Manufacturing (MFG).

Sanctuary Print Shop had big ideas beyond printing tshirts and they knew they couldn’t get there alone.  So, they teamed up with Electrik, a full service digital marketing agency, to create a total brand engagement and art department for any company – where high tech meets nails and sawdust.  We are hand-makers and digital artist nerds that push your big idea beyond its limits. Need a new brand for that hot new bar and restaurant concept and the neon sign to go with it? Need a marketing website for your latest product and a booth where people can try it out?  How about a custom prop or piece of furniture that Google just doesn’t have a search word for?  Need some social media video or photo content and a strategy for how it’s distributed?  How about some low-run custom screen printed goods?  If it sounds like we can build anything, both physically and digitally, it’s because we actually can – and we do it right.